Terms and Conditions


  • General information:
  1. When your order is received via an e-mail message from our web site, the order is processed and an invoice is issued. The orders are numbered in sequence of receipt, in other words according to a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. The invoice will be e-mailed to you within 1 – 2 days. If you haven’t received any response after 2 days of placing your order, please check your spam folder and if the invoice is not there then please enquire by e-mail.
  3. You may add to your order after the invoice has been issued either by contacting us or by placing an additional order.
  4. Payment due date (30 days from invoice date) will be calculated from the initial order date; irrespective of add-on orders after the initial order was placed.
  5. Our seed list will be running from a pre-determined date in February till end of April. Harvesting will be during May and shipment June/July.
  1. Requirements for payment and shipping:


Please take note of these requirements before payment is made




  1. Unless prior arrangements have been made for deviations, orders should be paid within a month (30 days) after invoice has been issued. Payment made in advance shows commitment to the order. Payment should be made to the bank account indicated on the invoice for Domestic customers.

International payments should be made via PayPal. E-mail address for PayPal: mdpr@mdpr.co.za   Account name: Michael Holt. (Remember to add your shipping address on your PayPal transaction.)


Note: Orders placed during April (last month of sales) have to be paid by end of April. All sales and payments must be finalized end of April.


  1. Use your name or/and invoice number as deposit reference
  2. Let us know when payment was made
  3. You will be informed when payment has been received





Shipping of Seeds


  1. International shipping: Shipping will ONLY be with courier (DHL or ARAMEX). If EMS is requested, the customer automatically accepts full responsibility for delays and losses. Please remember to forward your delivery address and phone number.
  2.  Domestic customers: 1. Packages will be shipped with The Courier Guy, door-to-door. PLEASE forward your delivery address and your phone number or 2. Postnet counter-to-counter. Give us your phone number and Postnet outlet’s details. PLEASE indicate your preference in time.
  3. No shipping of seeds unless full payment has been received


International customers:

USD60: Courier plus packaging (full tracking and tracing.)

USD90: Courier plus Phyto Sanitary Certificate (incl. RSA Inspection Fee.)

  1. USA customers: Please forward your Small Seed Lot Permit and “green/yellow” sticker well in advance to prevent delays in shipment. No Phyto Sanitary Certificate is needed.
  2. USA customers:  VERY IMPORTANT:  You are responsible to arrange and pay for forwarding of your parcel from the Inspection Station to your address after inspection. Shipping fees only cover costs to the Inspection Station.
  3. AUSTRALIAN customers: Due to extreme restrictions imposed, we are unable to ship to Australia.

Domestic customers:

R150 for shipping either by The Courier Guy or Postnet.

  1. We will notify you when the seeds have been sent with the tracking number and date.
  2. Please acknowledge receipt of your parcel.


Although special care is taken during pollination and good quality genetic material is used and thus good results can be expected; the outcome cannot be guaranteed. We can however confirm that the seeds of each item are those of that item’s berry parent as shown in the picture.